Excelsior key milestones through the decades


  • On January 19, 1931 Excelsior started on the verandah of Dr. Powell’s family home at 9 Hampton Street in Campbell Town, Kingston
  • In the summer of 1934 Excelsior was relocated to 16, 18 and 1D North Street (formerly Earl’s Court Hotel)
  • The Antrim lands-Excelsior’s permanent home, also known as “The Promised Land” were purchased in 1938


  • After 15 memorable years at the North Street Campus, Excelsior was finally relocated to its permanent location on the Antrim lands at Mountainview Avenue, formerly called Long Mountain Road
  • In 1949 Excelsior became an examination centre for the Cambridge School Certificate Examination
  • The first students’ branch of the United Nations in Jamaica was established at Excelsior
  • Excelsior was one of the first schools to introduce to the Jamaican curriculum the subject known as Domestic Science, later to be called Home Economics


  • Excelsior transitioned from a privately owned institution to a government-in-aid institution in 1951. Ownership was also transferred to the Jamaican District of the Methodist Church.
  • The growing emphasis on the sciences led to the building of the institution’s first chemistry laboratory. This provided students with different abilities with opportunity to choose between arts and science.
  • Pioneered the secondary school guidance counsel system long before it was common in Jamaican schools
  • In the 1950s Excelsior was also a trailblazer in offering commercial and practical subjects and life skills development programmes. Subjects included home economics and cookery which were for the first time available in the Cambridge School Certificate Examinations
  • Made football history by winning the Manning Cup in 1953
  • Admitted the first paraplegic student into the school. This inclusive philosophy was later adopted by many other institutions


  • The assembly hall, biology and physics laboratories and the cafeteria were completed in 1960
  • The first two blind students to enter mainstream schools were admitted to Excelsior. This was in keeping with the philosophy of providing a well-rounded education for all
  • In 1962 an Extension School was opened to provide for the education of juveniles and adults who had either failed the Common Entrance Examination or were late developers.
  • Won the Sunlight Cricket Cup in 1961 and 1963
  • The modern all-purpose gymnasium was built


  • Plans were formally developed for the construction of EXED (Excelsior Education Centre).
  • In 1971 Teacher Training Project was established at the Community College level. The project was however discontinued in 1985.
  • In 1972 the Community College evening division and EXED Pre-Primary School was established
  • Excelsior Community College (day) was fully recognized by the government in 1974
  • Excelsior pioneered a government funded nursing certification programme, the first of its kind in a Community College setting. The programme was discontinued in 1985.
  • Created the Business Education Department. The pre-university section enabled students from other schools which did not have a sixth form to complete advanced level courses leading to admission to UWI and universities abroad
  • In 1976 a half-Olympic-sized pool and a wading pool were constructed
  • In 1978 a Library Technical Assistant Programme was introduced
  • An additional 12 acres of adjoining lands were secured for the school’s growing need for expansion


The first 40 years of Excelsior focused heavily in the solidification of the high school in Jamaica’s education system. The 1970s and beyond catered more to the development of the Community College. The milestones below were mostly experienced by the College.

  • In 1985 a joint nursing degree jointly between University of Miami and the community college evening division was offered
  • The Learning Resource Centre was opened in 1980
  • In 1984 the Intermediate Continuing Education Programme (ICEP) was started
  • In 1986 a Registered Nursing Programme was privately re-established
  • The Computer Studies (Diploma) Programme was started in 1987
  • In 1988 the Government supported Nursing Programme resumed

Post 1980s

  • In 1991 the Cosmetology Department was established
  • An EXED Satellite Campus was established in Morant Bay, St. Thomas in 1993
  • In 1998 the Tourism, Hospitality, and Entertainment Programme was established
  • The Performing Arts Department was established in 1998
  • In 2001 the Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science was established
  • In 2002 the Community Development Programme was launched
  • In 2004 the University Council of Jamaica accredited five programmes in the Computer Studies Department
  • In 2006 the University Council of Jamaica accredited programmes in the Tourism, Hospitality, and Entertainment programme

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